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As of July 2012, this is a a brand new scholarship offer from And of course, this scholarship does not require any type of essay submission.

Qualifications for this specific scholarship are wide open - from job seekers to military veterans. As long as your going to college or planning on attending college, you qualify. Minimum age is 18+.

All that is needed is filling out your contact information - click here to visit the official form page.

Scholarship award amount is (we believe) $10,000 total.

Targets job seekers, working professionals, veterans, parents, and graduate students going to college or planning on attending college soon.

Good luck!!'s $10,000 No Essay Scholarship


This is one of the more popular "no essay" scholarships on the net today. Why? Because it requires very little work, with a relatively large payout.

The only thing easier than applying for this scholarship, is explaining how it works.

Step 1: Browse to their site: by clicking here.
Step 2: Fill out your information on the right and register. Note: Check your email and confirm it after registering.
Step 3: Wait for the deadline to arrive (usually listed at the top of the website) and check your email.

That's it!

Who can apply? Anyone over the age of 18 interested in going back to college.
What can you use the money for? Tuition, books, housing, food, travel costs - pretty much anything/everything related to going to college.

College Prowler $2,000 Scholarship


College Prowler prides itself as a site for students by students - and that certainly seems to be the case.

This claim is evidenced by the fact that they offer a $2,000 scholarship that requires absolutely no essay to be submitted. We know that ALL students hate writing essays, so the "for students by students" definitely holds true here. No website that was created by students would require essays to be submitted to win a scholarship, that is for sure!

How Does This Scholarship Work?

It's fairly simple. 1. Go to their no essay scholarship page: located here

2. Fill in the required information.

3. Wait for results (usually by the end of the month).

That's pretty much it!

So what's the catch? There isn't any. They offer $2,000 scholarships every month, so feel free to apply every single month. This is definitely a site created by students.

Who Can Apply?

The page currently says that current college students, adults going back to school, high schoolers, graduate students, or anyone looking to attend college can apply.

That's pretty much it folks. Not too difficult. We'll be updating this wiki frequently finding new 'no essay scholarships' for you!

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Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation


The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation offers college students a variety of scholarship awards without having to submit an essay. Instead of an essay submission, students can take scholarship quizzes that test their general knowledge and have a chance to win a scholarship in the process.

There are also parental quizzes that parents can take in order to win the scholarship for their child. Students must register with the CKSF website and then a list of available quizzes will be displayed for them to take. The student then takes the quizzes offered keeping in mind that they are being scored for accuracy as well as timing. At the end of the competition scores are calculated and the student with highest score wins the scholarship.

The awards range from $250-$2000. This is one of the easiest no essay scholarships available on the internet because there is no writing involved, no GPA requirements, and no application process. The only thing the student has to fill out is the registration form for the website which takes less than 5 minutes.

The scholarships are available to all U.S. high school students, college students, graduate students and even parents. The scholarship can be used for any post-secondary school in the United States.

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